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A true Irish dish which has been enjoyed for many a year by all Dublin people, soon to be enjoyed by your family over and over again! This is the bare bones traditional recipe but feel free to add garlic, a bay leaf or other fresh herbs for flavour. It's also good if you replace the water with cider.

Recipe by: J. Boyle

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In the galley, one-pot meals are simple and safe - especially when made in a pressure cooker. This is a brilliant solution when you've dropped anchor and are surrounded by friendly boaties just waiting for a newcomer to go visit ... and the aroma from your galley will have them rowing across in no time! Be diligent about shaking the pot, as below, to prevent sticking. Ingredients aren't always easy to come by in out-of-the-way sailing spots, so do this with whatever meat you can!

Recipe by: screencraft

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A traditional soup made by my parents and grandparents and a traditional winter soup in Northern Ireland and especially popular served as a starter to Christmas dinner. Pure, simple, wholesome comforting and natural food. As with all one pot dishes, it always tastes better the following day when all the ingredients have had time to marinate and got to know each other so if you want to impress, make it the day before serving. Enjoy.

Recipe by: lee.theman

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My mother's Irish stew recipe, made with traditional mutton. Don't be afraid to add lots of black pepper.

Recipe by: IrishGael

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