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Golden syrup sweetens these flapjacks and they're studded with loads of fruit. No butter means they're healthier! Be imaginative with your mix of fruit - you can use everything from currants and raisins to diced dried mango, papaya and cherries and cranberries. I suggest using at least three to four different kinds of fruits.

Recipe by: dudey

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This is a recipe for a biscuit mixture which is kept in the fridge and baked as needed. It can be used to make different flavoured biscuits as required. One-quarter of the mixture makes 24 small biscuits.

Recipe by: Clarefisher

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Quick to prepare and healthy, these are no less tasty for it, and much appreciated by my children. Every time I make them, they don't last long in the biscuit tin!

Recipe by: eloline

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Easy flapjacks to make by yourself or with the family. Makes eight flapjacks. These would make the perfect addition to a packed lunch.

Recipe by: libbytaurus

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These shortbread squares are sweet, buttery and totally moreish. A shortbread biscuit base is topped with a mixture of brown sugar, egg, pecans and maple syrup. Perfect for picnics, afternoon tea, dessert, elevenses or pop into packed lunches.

Recipe by: Tkessler

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The title says it all! These simple flapjacks are topped with a lovely chocolate topping with a hint of cinnamon.

Recipe by: lucy-IOI

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Crunchy snack for everyone! Coconut and rolled oat flapjacks are perfect for packed lunches or picnics.

Recipe by: Baje

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Golden syrup holds together these cereal bars, packed with delicious apricots, prunes, pecans and bananas. Take these along on a hike or a picnic, or pack them in lunches for a naturally sweet treat - the kids will love them, and so will you!

Recipe by: mumofsix

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