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An easy recipe for parsley sauce to serve with fish.

Recipe by: KRAVE

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Herb butter tastes wonderfully delicious on warm soda bread, bread rolls, baked potatoes, sandwiches or simple grilled meats. It keeps in the fridge for about 10 days. It's especially nice to serve at a dinner party or Sunday lunch.

Recipe by: Nora

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This fresh salsa verde is a really exciting addition to the lamb - having a pots of living herbs means you can throw this together anytime!

Recipe by: FreshHerbCo

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Green goddess dressing that is green, pungent and so addictive. Similar to the original recipe from the West Coast of the United States, except I omitted the anchovy as I believe it should be a vegetarian dressing. I prefer to prepare this with a mortar and pestle, but you can use a processor if you don't have one. What herbs you use is up to you, so long as you use soft leaf green herbs (eg parsley, basil or chervil) It's garlicky, herby and goes with everything so be careful!

Recipe by: discowarrior

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A wonderfully fresh-tasting salad. Mushrooms are drizzled with a parsley and olive oil dressing. Use a wide range of mushrooms for the best flavour and texture.

Recipe by: Marianne

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Not only are these treats tasty for your pet, but also very healthy. Parsley is well know for helping keep bad doggy breath under control, while carrots are good for the stomach.

Recipe by: TheBritishBaker

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A delicious vegetable soup made with a large bunch of fresh parsley. Perfect with brown soda bread or a cheese toastie! If you like, you can serve with a swirl of cream and a twist of black pepper.

Recipe by: Ita

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A fresh, piquant, and full flavoured salsa. The perfect accompaniment to salads with griddled or BBQ steak, meat and fish dishes.

Recipe by: Señor

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After trying other versions of this famous Lebanese salad, I came up with my own version which I think has the right combination of ingredients.

Recipe by: cynjne

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This classic sauce is best served with fresh fish. Make it just before you need to use it.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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