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An easy slow cooker chicken dinner! Delicious served with vegetables and rice on the side for a complete meal.

Recipe by: Sarah-Jean

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Quick and easy to prepare and then pop all the ingredients in the slow cooker together. Just leave and simmer for five hours. My family love this recipe, the chicken is cooked so it's lovely and tender, and the tomatoes make it sweet and the garlic gives an extra great taste.

Recipe by: debofost

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A sumptuous sweet, spicy, sticky and crunchy Chinese inspired dish. There is nothing not to like in this super simple recipe.

Recipe by: GrahameJames

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A yummy combination of sweet and savoury. I make this with boneless chicken thighs, but it would be equally delicious with bone-in chicken legs and thighs. Just brown the skin a bit longer. I serve this with a brown rice/wild rice pilaf and a simple spinach salad.

Recipe by: PLee

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This jerk chicken recipe takes inspiration from the classic, then makes a few additions to the marinade for a mouth-watering result. The longer you marinate, the better the flavour. Great served with a saffron rice.


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This is my mum's recipe, which I now do in the slow cooker. Very easy for people who are busy working or just everyday Mums. I always roll the chicken in flour before putting in the pot. You can use chicken breasts instead of thighs, if wished.

Recipe by: tiny

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Before you make these chicken wings, be prepared to send your taste buds into a frenzy. The wings are marinated in a jerk seasoning, then grilled on the barbecue to perfection. Enjoy with a mango salsa, if desired.

Recipe by: BencyCooks

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A mild curry cooked with chicken on the bone. Flavours of cumin, tomatoes, garlic and coriander make this curry a fragrant and delicate curry which can be cooked in large quantities to share. Nothing here is overly complex; it just takes a while and particularly if you have never removed the skin from chicken drumsticks and thighs before, this may be a little challenging. I hope you like the recipe. Please don't be put off by the amount of text - I have tried to provide good instructions.


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This whole chicken is cooked in a slow cooker in the morning to enable the juices to stay in the meat, rather than escape in a conventional oven. I used a 1.5kg chicken to feed 2 adults and 4 children, but you can change the sizes appropriately. The slow cooking process enables the chicken meat to practically fall off the bone when ready and smells delicious. You can also use the juices to make your own gravy!

Recipe by: CrazyMumTrina

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The warm flavours of the mixed spice work extremely well with the sweetness of the dried fruit. The flavours enhance very much over time so tastes even more delightful the following evening. All in all a wonderful dish in which the taste belies the little effort engaged in its preparation. Serve with couscous or rice and/or a mixed salad.

Recipe by: Lsjones

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