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For a delicious starter, stuff fresh mushrooms with a savoury mixture of chicken sausage, vegetables and a sprinkling of cheese. They're surprisingly low in fat because they are not made with pork sausage meat but they still taste great.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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I made friends with a girl from Ukraine and after helping her find a flat and a job, she wanted to pay me back. I said no but suggested we cook a meal together. This is what we made, it was a great success and now we talk about recipes all the time.


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Chicken breasts are braised with Marsala wine and mushrooms. Easy enough for a midweek supper, yet impressive enough for guests!

Recipe by: Lisa

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These chicken fingers are far superior to those that are store-bought. They're made with mini chicken fillets, coated in Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs, fried to perfection and served with a horseradish dipping sauce.

Recipe by: Linda

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Chicken cooked with peppers, onions, mango and cream. Beautiful taste.

Recipe by: tattyteddy1401

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This recipe is an all-in-one wonder, a simple dish of chicken and rice with fabulous Cuban flavours! This recipe is quick and easy and can be served with a salad, fried plantains or even a banana - a Cuban favourite with any meal!

Recipe by: Sussell

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This is a rich, buttery, creamy recipe that will impress your guests. Chicken breasts are pounded thin, stuffed with a crayfish stuffing, then topped with crab and a mushroom cream sauce.

Recipe by: Matthew

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This is an authentic recipe for green enchiladas that I learnt from an amazing home cook in Puebla, Mexico. I've been tweaking and perfecting it for over 15 years. To save time, I use ready-cooked chicken from the supermarket, but you can always use leftovers from a Sunday roast! Be conservative with the cream and the cheese.

Recipe by: gema

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These are so easy and delicious. You cook the wings first, then coat them in a spicy sauce. This recipe makes enough for a party but you'll need to have plenty of napkins on hand!

Recipe by: Lauren Billings

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Diced chicken, with peppers and mushrooms in a creamy white sauce. Serve with cooked white rice. I usually use a packet of Uncle Ben's® microwave rice.

Recipe by: Plonqy

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