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Chicken breast stuffed with a delicious garlic butter, wrapped in puff pastry and served on top of a mouth watering creamy garlic sauce. Not suggested as a dinner for first dates!!

Recipe by: FLIPISME

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This is an easy recipe for a delicious chicken in marsala sauce dish perfect as an evening meal for two. Serve with rice.

Recipe by: selinaj

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This easy chicken recipe is very quick to prepare and tastes just great. The maple syrup and bacon give the sauce a unique flavour. Pound the chicken breast fillets slightly to ensure even cooking.

Recipe by: babsi_s

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You'll need decent sized chicken breasts when you are planning to make this. It's best if you're able to create a pocket in the fillet to hold the garlic butter - this will result in a much moister chicken kiev!

Recipe by: Ita

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Chicken breasts with a fresh rosemary rub, then sauteed and braised in a sauce of orange juice, white wine and maple syrup (or honey). This wonderfully rich glaze makes an elegant, quick dinner. To serve, place chicken on top of hot cooked rice and spoon sauce over the top. This is wonderful served with steamed asparagus or mangetout.

Recipe by: LINDA W

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Chicken breasts are seasoned with rosemary and pan-fried, then served over basmati rice with a unique, sweet and spicy plum and chilli salsa. Pair with green beans and toasted pine nuts.


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A rich and highly flavoured chicken dish, based on sun-dried tomatoes, pancetta and brie in a sherry cream sauce. Serve over rice or pasta for a delicious dinner.

Recipe by: chip69

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This is my all time fav chicken recipe. Simple ingredients with amazing results... You won't be disappointed!

Recipe by: Laceylea

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This is my version of a classic French recipe that I have adapted for quick and easy preparation. You may wish to adjust the quantity of tarragon to taste.

Recipe by: A_GREELEY

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The simplest, most delicious chicken recipe I know - anyone can make it! Roast a few extra whole garlic cloves to spread on crusty bread as a great starter to this meal.

Recipe by: BettyBoothroyd

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