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A single yellow pepper and a single orange pepper had been sitting in my fridge for too long and I was determined to use them! I sliced them up, added some celery and potato and made this smooth, colourful soup. Enjoy with some wheaten bread or crackers and goats cheese.

Recipe by: Ita

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When making this, I tend to look for the leanest packs of bacon and go from there. This slow cooker recipe is a favourite of my family and is nice and simple to create.

Recipe by: HiekelEssterol

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This leek and potato soup is extremly popular, and a lot of people have their own way of making it. Well, here's mine.

Recipe by: gemmawallis

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A winter soup that is hearty enough to warm your cockles! Rich with goodness. Easy to prepare and short cooking time!

Recipe by: SerendipityXX

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A belly warming, thick, comforting soup, that is easy to make, scrummy to eat, especially with fresh baked bread and butter.

Recipe by: hippychicklet

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This delicious pureed soup is made of potatoes, tomatoes and red pepper, and gets a kick thanks to cayenne pepper. Serve with toast topped with mozzarella cheese and a pinch of basil.

Recipe by: Aeroz

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This is a non-dairy soup that is low in calories and fat. It's simple to make and extremely delicious. Enjoy with crusty bread rolls, if desired.

Recipe by: Reggie70

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Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are roasted with a blend of spices, then puréed and combined with chicken stock for a smooth and luscious soup. Garnish with diced bacon, crème fraîche, yoghurt or basil leaves.

Recipe by: Simon Taylor

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Easy to cook, quick winter soup. This is great to make when leeks are in season, and uses ready made chicken stock for convenience.

Recipe by: Dizzy2011

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