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These easy flapjacks are so simple to make and very tasty, perfect for making together with the children. Enjoy as an afternoon snack or party treat.

Recipe by: jean.isacke

No reviews

This is a super easy flapjack recipe using ingredients that are usually on hand. Try using walnuts as a variation.

Recipe by: LAURSAVVY

18 reviews

One of my favourite comfort foods, these flapjacks are also great to snack on at work or home. Quick and easy to make, add sultanas or chocolate chips at own preference!

Recipe by: Rogue Hawkins

No reviews

A very easy flapjack recipe, I made it myself! It is a really simple and tasty recipe! You will need to freeze the chocolate beforehand for as long as desired. My favourite is banana and milk chocolate, you may need to freeze the banana beforehand as it will go mushy when it has been cooked! Please enjoy this and comment! The picture is flapjack made with 250g of sultanas.

Recipe by: ApeyApes

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Easy flapjacks to make by yourself or with the family. Makes eight flapjacks. These would make the perfect addition to a packed lunch.

Recipe by: libbytaurus

3 reviews

This is a quick and easy recipe for flapjacks - everyone's favorite! You can always double the quantity for more!

Recipe by: jatkins3zr

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Vegan, dairy free, delicious chewy and nutritious snack. The black treacle and molasses sugar give a really deep texture and taste to this easy to make flapjack.

Recipe by: MrD

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Why choose shop-bought when these deliciously wholesome cinnamon and raisin flapjacks are so easy to make?

Recipe by: Schwartz

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This flapjack is light, gooey and really flavoursome, and is simply the best recipe I have ever found.

Recipe by: Imizimmy

56 reviews

These are undoubtedly the best flapjacks ever. They are moist and gooey and so moreish.

Recipe by: bekchef

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