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Want to learn how to smoke your own salmon or salami using a smoker or barbecue? Need recipes with smoked salmon, smoked trout or smoked haddock? Looking for smoky roasted veg, smoked herb chicken or smoked acorn squash soup?

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If you don't have a smoking pan, you can use a thick, deep rosting tin. Then just have a rack where you can put the salmon on. Even with a lid, smoke will come out of it so cover the pan with foil first before putting on the lid. Also, line the base with foil so that the uncooked rice won't stick to the pan and is easier to dispose of. The salmon is wonderful with mango salsa or tartar sauce and the leftovers are good for brekkie with scrambled eggs.

Recipe by: sarah81783

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Homemade salami made with minced meat, such as pork. Smoked using black walnut woodchips. To add a little heat, use red pepper flakes, about 2 tablespoons or to taste.

Recipe by: willy

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These quick but delicious smoke flavoured Lebanese chicken mince kebabs are always a dinner favourite! You can skewer them and cook them on a BBQ or even pan fry and smoke with coal for BBQ flavour in your own kitchen! Serve with pitta and baba ganoush and hummus. Makes 6 to 9 kebabs

Recipe by: chef89

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This tasty pulled pork recipe from Hawsmoor chef Richard Turner is perfect for sandwiches and burgers! Enjoy with a glass of Casillero del Diablo Merlot - the plum and herbaceous flavours of the wine make this meat feat even more enjoyable!

Recipe by: lucycefai

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These are to die for BBQ ribs you will want to serve to guests, to show off your cooking ability.


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If you want to learn how to make your own ham, look no further. Pork is cured in brine for a week, then slowly cooked in a barbecue smoker for 12 hours.

Recipe by: DJFoodie

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This is a great recipe for smoked chicken. I use a handful of soaked wood chips in my barbecue to impart a smoky flavour to the meat.

Recipe by: Cajun Momma

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A delicious smoked beef brisket recipe from Hawksmoor chef Richard Turner, perfect for summer BBQs with friends! Enjoy with a glass of Casillero del Diablo Devil's Collection Red - the soft, spicy and velvety texture and flavours of plum and black cherry perfectly complement the smoky flavour of this delicious smoked brisket!

Recipe by: lucycefai

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This is probably the best tasting carrot soup that you'll ever taste. Carrots are cooked in a BBQ smoker, then simmered in a curry-spiced stock, before being blended with cream.

Recipe by: PappaB.Mc

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While you can get some smoked flavour by adding wet wood chips to the hot coals, you can get much more flavour using an electric smoker. Serve these veggies as a side to your steak, or assemble into a wonderful roasted veggie sandwich.

Recipe by: Tim Bond

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