Warm salads (114)

    We have a variety of unique and delicious warm salads that are perfect for a light dinner or weekend lunch. Change out your usual salad and try a warm potato salad, warm chicken salad, warm prawn and couscous salad or a spicy Thai seared beef salad instead.

    Top warm salad recipes

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    This salad can be on its own as a light lunch, or served with a baked potato as a evening meal. The sizzle of the hot, spicy dressing with the chicken hitting the cool salad makes your guests' mouths water!

    Recipe by: Vickie de Vries

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    Roasted butternut squash and onions are tossed with spinach, dried cranberries and nuts for a colourful warm salad.

    Recipe by: Marcia

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    Packed with flavour, this express salad makes an unusual all-in-one supper dish. Toss the warm ingredients in the dressing so that the richness of mint, balsamic vinegar and mustard will be absorbed and accentuated. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

    58 reviews

    This is a warm salad - cooked mushrooms poured over mixed greens. The warm mushrooms are supposed to wilt the lettuce a bit.

    Recipe by: extraordinary machine

    461 reviews

    Fajita seasoning makes this salad fiery. Add lots of lettuce, onions and tomatoes, and you have a Mexican-inspired salad. It's even better topped with grated cheese and tortilla crisps.

    Recipe by: ANGL8277

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      Roasted vegetable quinoa salad
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      Warm roasted root vegetable salad

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