High in protein and fibre, quinoa is a tasty grain-like seed. Find recipes for quinoa salads, quinoa pilafs and lots more, ideal for picnics, packed lunches and side dishes.

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This Mediterranean-inspired quinoa recipe was given to me by a vegan friend. The lime juice gives the quinoa a fresh flavour that is absolutely delicious.

Recipe by: sarahhouston

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This quinoa is lightly spiced and totally moreish. If you like your food hot, simply add more chilli powder. Serve as a delicious side-dish with any meal. It's perfect when served hot or cold.

Recipe by: A.F.

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Quinoa is cooked together with onion, garlic, green pepper and passata. The resulting dish is deliciously flavoursome and can be served as a light lunch or a side dish.

Recipe by: Momi

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Quinoa is a nutty seed native to South America. It can be found in most health shops. For an even more flavorful pilaf, use vegetable stock in place of the water.

Recipe by: Laura Jull

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This dish is not only simple to make, but it also tastes fantastic! Chicken is stirred into a mixture of quinoa, vegetables and herbs. Enjoy for lunch, dinner or as a side.

Recipe by: thomlynn61601

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Quinoa is a great alternative to rice - it's lighter, tastes nutty and cooks in about half the time. In this recipe it's tossed with onion, garlic and fresh herbs to make a quick and easy side.

Recipe by: sal

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This has got to be one of my favourite salads of all time. It's Mexican-inspired, hearty, packed full of protein, monosaturated fats, texture and flavour. My original recipe calls for black beans, but I've also used chickpeas in the past.

Recipe by: honeyandspice

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This quinoa dish is truly delectable. Quinoa is cooked with chicken stock, soy sauce, fresh ginger and garlic, then garnished with spring onions. You can cook this on the hob or in a rice cooker. It makes the perfect side dish to any meal.

Recipe by: Lisa

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A fantastic alternative to the classic rice pudding. It not only tastes delicious, but it's also gluten-free! It's sweet, creamy and packed full of banana goodness. Enjoy as a dessert or snack.

Recipe by: Lynda Q

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A healthy fibre-rich salad which is also low in calories. The quinoa is packed with flavour and tastes nutty so it's perfect to take to the office for an energy boosting lunch.

Recipe by: annef

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