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Find loads of fruit crumble recipes, from the best-loved apple crumble, to rhubarb crumble and more. Serve your crumble warm with custard or vanilla ice cream for a heart-warming pud.

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This peach and raspberry crumble is a quick and easy to make crumble. This is a deliciously light, fruit-filled pudding you can make in minutes and not hours.

Recipe by: Flora


Everyone loves a home-made crumble – and this one, made with juicy seasonal fruit and a crunchy topping, is just delicious.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell


This is probably the tastiest apple crumble recipe that I have ever had - not sure whether it was luck or the the recipe.

Recipe by: reever2


My mum's apple crumble recipe!

Recipe by: FREGBERT


It's a simple and easy recipe that we made in food technology when I was in high school. I love it and I have used it ever since, I hope you enjoy it!

Recipe by: mollywhe

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Best apple crumble

Best apple crumble

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