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    Use good quality sausages, any flavour you like! Cook them in Yorkshire pudding batter to make this traditional dish that children love. Don't forget the gravy!

    Recipe by: stablespy

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    For me there is no other food that says "Great English Dishes", than Toad In The Hole served with mash potato and a lovely rich onion gravy. The recipe below is just a lovely plain one, but you can tweak it by adding a teaspoonful of horseradish sauce to the batter mix, or a teaspoonful of English mustard. You could add some dried herbs like oregano, thyme or rosemary. Please experiment and let us know any tweaks that have worked for you.

    Recipe by: andyh

    38 reviews

    This is a recipe from my family which is true Yorkshire, for many generations.

    Recipe by: A.Nixon

    5 reviews

    This is pure comfort food! Serve with gravy, mashed potato and veg. My mum loves this especially. I usually make this whenever she comes round for dinner. It's also very cheap to make too. Great for a family.

    Recipe by: Keri

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    This toad in the hole has the lightest, fluffy, but filling batter ever. Good hearty winter favourite I cook for my family.

    Recipe by: LittleFriarTuck

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    My toad in the hole - a classic that everyone loves.

    Recipe by: Sharon

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    You can't get anymore traditional than this!

    Recipe by: Lucy

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    How did this dish get its name and when was it invented? The Oxford Dictionary of Food gives the earliest reference to a toad in the hole as ‘The dish called toad in the hole, meat boiled in a crust’ in 1787. In 1861, Mrs. Beeton has steak and kidney cooking in the batter, so neither version was quite the same as today’s dish. Never mind – the combination of sausages and crisp, hot batter is irresistible. The cherry tomatoes are my own touch, which adds to the taste and colour of the dish.

    Recipe by: calmyourbeans

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    Popular with children and adults alike, this traditional batter pudding is an excellent way of turning a few sausages into a hearty meal. Serve with onion gravy and seasonal greens.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    My mother came up with this. A twist on the traditional toad in the hole. Instead of sausages, use lamb chops instead. It's a dish the family will love and is wonderfully comforting during the cold winter!

    Recipe by: Catcooks

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