Stuffed peppers (54)

Peppers are perfect for stuffing! Find stacks of easy stuffed pepper recipes ideas including bolognese or lamb and feta peppers, pork and rice stuffed peppers, vegetarian stuffed peppers and so much more!

Top stuffed pepper recipes

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Since I am Greek, I have learnt many good Greek recipes over the years! This is one of my favourites. It's a savoury combination of lamb, rice and feta stuffed into green peppers and smothered in tomato sauce.

Recipe by: Taseia

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A traditional Italian, colourful, tasty dish. Stuffed peppers can be served as side dish or as a main.

Recipe by: Maria

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A Cajun twist on a classic stuffed green pepper, with smoked sausage, prawns and Cajun seasoning. Use smoked sausage if you can, otherwise a spicy Italian or chorizo sausage will work a treat.

Recipe by: Heidi Slonka

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I made these stuffed peppers for my friend who is vegetarian. He really liked them and ask me to give him the recipe. Well here it is :)

Recipe by: cisacke

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Peppers filled with beef mince and rice, flavoured with paprika. This is my Serbian grandmother's recipe slightly adapted over the generations and has been a family and friends favourite ever since. Very economical to make and bursting with flavour. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the delicious juices.

Recipe by: Riko

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