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    Looking for Russian recipes? Try your hand at a warming borscht or hearty beef stroganoff, or how about blinis for your next canape spread? We have loads of easy and hearty Russian recipes, all from home cooks like you.

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    Use that bounty of courgette in these tasty fritters, which can make a tasty vegetarian main or can be served alongside your favourite meat. Drizzle with soured cream, if desired.

    Recipe by: Nyusha

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    This Stroganoff dish can be made with sliced pork fillet instead of beef, if you prefer.

    Recipe by: leah34f

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    A delicious beetroot and potato salad, a Russian favourite. Chill completely before serving.

    Recipe by: Travinka

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    This takes some time, but is well worth the effort. I use a food processor. It is a hearty soup, great on a cold winter night. Serve hot, topped with soured cream.

    Recipe by: Marge

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    A traditional fish dish from Russia, this is made with poached salmon, rice and mushrooms. The updated version here uses crisp filo rather than the usual puff pastry. As all the preparation can be done ahead of time, a koulibiac is an ideal dinner party dish. All it needs with it are some colourful steamed vegetables.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    This is a Russian beef stroganoff recipe made with soured cream and is much more authentic than a lot of the versions out there with cream of mushroom soup! Try it and you'll taste the difference. Serve with mash or pasta.

    Recipe by: nt-bella

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    Stuffed cabbage rolls is a favourite dish in many Russian homes. Cabbage leaves are precooked and stuffed with a minced meat and rice filling. You can substitute minced turkey for a lighter version.

    Recipe by: Olechka_Kavalenko

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    Kulich is a sweet yeast bread, similar to panettone, that is traditionally baked in Russia for Easter. But you can enjoy it anytime! It can be glazed or left plain. You can bake the bread in large coffee tins (like the ones you get from a cash n carry) so they keep their traditional shape.

    Recipe by: Valjusha

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    The quintessiential Russian salad. Salad Olivier combines potatoes, vegetables, gherkins and chicken with mayo. This version is a slight tweak on the original, but the ingredients are rather more handy.

    Recipe by: LollySoly

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    One of my family’s most favourite salads, and requested often. Healthy, vegetarian and low carb makes this is great option, anytime.

    Recipe by: nt_bella

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