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Find loads of unique and delicious rabbit recipes here, including rabbit stew, traditional Greek stifado, braised rabbit ragu and lots more. Rabbit is lean, healthy, economical, as well as exceptionally delicious.

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Rabbit is an outrageously underrated meat - I suppose some people can only think of nice fluffy bunnies as pets and not for eating. The meat is perfect for novices of game as it has a slight gamey flavour yet has similar characteristics to chicken in terms of flavour and texture. There is an abundance of rabbit in the UK and we're right in season at the moment so your local butcher will be able to get wild rabbit if you pre-order - a wild rabbit should cost no more than £3.50 each.

Recipe by: paulwarburs

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Cooking rabbit in white wine with earthy chestnut mushrooms and fragrant herbs gives it a real taste of the forest.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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Stifado is a favourite Greek stew, especially popular during winter. This recipe results in tender, impeccably flavoured rabbit. Serve with hand-cut chips, rice or mash. Crusty bread is also essential to mop up all the sauce.

Recipe by: Diana

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This is an old recipe that comes from Columbia. My family loves when I cook this. Rabbit meat is very low in fat and can be dry tasting, so it marries well with coconut cream. It is best to cook the rabbit gently till it is falling off the bone. Serve with rice.

Recipe by: YAELIE24

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A delectable Portuguese dish in which is rabbit is brushed with mustard, and cooked in white wine with bacon and shallots.

Recipe by: Jose Miguel

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This spicy curry is a twist on a classic using a healthy and tasty meat that feels as if it was made for vindaloo! Dish up with rice and a naan.

Recipe by: How-To-Hunt-Rabbit

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Rabbit, a low-fat meat with a delicate flavour, is the classic ingredient for this Tuscan dish, although wild hare is often used. Pappardelle is its perfect pasta partner. Serve it with a radicchio salad, or combine mixed leaves, herbs, cucumber, courgette and green pepper to boost the vegetable content of the meal.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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Slow cooked rabbit dish easy and quick preparation. Serve with fresh tagliatelle and a good red wine. You can use a casserole dish on the hob or a slow cooker to cook this dish.

Recipe by: JamesDewberry

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This lovely rabbit pie recipe has been in our family for several generations and is always rustic, filling and full of flavour.

Recipe by: DelythThomas

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I lived in Spain for two years where I was taught the art of making the Paella which originated in Valencia. First and foremost you will need a special paella pan called a paellera or just a paella. Trust me after you taste this you'll be glad you bought the special pan.

Recipe by: SPAINBOY

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