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    Find loads of delicious uses for buttermilk, from fluffy American-style buttermilk pancakes to traditional buttermilk scones. Buttermilk makes cakes deliciously moist, and gives bread loads of flavour.

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    A fantastically moist chocolate fudge cake with an easy-to-make chocolate icing that gets poured over the cake like ganache. The buttermilk ensures that this chocolate cake has loads of flavour and is incredibly moist.

    Recipe by: Sandy

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    A very easy bread. Best if made the day before, or several hours before serving.

    Recipe by: Karin

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    American pancakes are much thicker than ours and are traditionally served with maple syrup. You can opt for maple syrup, honey, golden syrup or a lovely fruit compote.

    Recipe by: Christine

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    My mum has been making this wheaten soda bread on a daily basis for the last 30 years - in fact, maybe more than that! Recently, she started sprinkling the dough with sesame and pumpkin seeds which adds a delicious nutty flavour to it.

    Recipe by: Ita

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    A little melted butter and an egg add extra richness to a basic soda bread. Wrap in a tea towel while cooling if you prefer a softer crust.

    Recipe by: M P Welty

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    This is a simple cake that is nice to have to hand for that mid-afternoon break. If you don't have lemon extract (Dr Oetker is a good brand), try either making the cake without for a simple butter cake, or adding a tablespoon of lemon zest.

    Recipe by: Becky

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    The combination of buttermilk and baking soda makes these pancakes as light as a feather! It makes quite a few so perfect for a weekend breakfast. Add a few blueberries for the kids or serve with bacon and eggs.

    Recipe by: BURYGOLD

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    This is an easy recipe to make traditional Irish soda farls. This quick no-yeast bread is cooked on a griddle and great for breakfast.

    Recipe by: kapicitta

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    These are very delicious pancakes and my family love them.

    Recipe by: LEEMA

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    Pretty chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing, that sit on an Oreo® base. Delicious and nice to look at.

    Recipe by: cisacke

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