Leek recipes (228)

    Leeks make a welcome addition to many recipes for pies, soups and lots more. Find tonnes of delicious and easy recipes celebrating the lovable leek.

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    53 reviews

    Hearty, warming and absolutely delicious!

    Recipe by: tellytubby

    11 reviews

    This is a thick, pureed comforting leek and potato soup that I make quite often during the colder months!

    Recipe by: Ita

    58 reviews

    A classic recipe for the lovely leek and potato soup, very simple to make and very tasty. Make a double batch and freeze half for later.

    Recipe by: andyh

    55 reviews

    Chicken pie has always been a favourite of mine. From the cheap frozen ones I ate as a child to this: a creamy version with mushrooms and leeks, topped with puff pastry. I suppose that actually makes it a pot pie, the fact that it just has a pastry topping and no bottom. What's in a name though: it's still delicious.

    Recipe by: macaw

    22 reviews

    It's snowing outside as I type this so I've made a last minute recipe change to reflect the current climate - this simple dish can be thrown together really quickly when you get back from work and is ready in 2 hours. This really is a recipe that epitomises winter and the dumplings give it that extra stay indoors lift. Leeks are also well in season at the moment so let's take advantage of this classic vegetable and embrace the winter!

    Recipe by: paulwarburs

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      Leek and cauliflower soup
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      Quick leek and potato soup

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