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    Leeks make a welcome addition to many recipes for pies, soups and lots more. Find tonnes of delicious and easy recipes celebrating the lovable leek.

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    This is the world's easiest leek and potato soup recipe. Can be served as a chunky soup or creamed so very versatile. Thanks to my good old Mum for this recipe which I have now adopted as my family's favourite.

    Recipe by: Imoginv

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    Delicious puff pastry pie filled with chicken chunks, mushrooms, leek and bacon in a gravy made from stock ad white wine. Make ahead in the morning for an easy evening meal. Very satisfying and tasty.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

    14 reviews

    It still amazes me how creamy and filling a risotto is when it has no creamy ingredients in it whatsoever! Risottos are so much easier to make than I assumed as well; this dish will definitely impress!

    Recipe by: LottieRainbow

    13 reviews

    A quick and easy veggie meal for the whole family to enjoy! Also has four of your five a day included!

    Recipe by: Bekki87

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    This is a slightly updated version of a recipe from an old cookbook I picked up near York. I usually discard the tough green tops of the leeks, using only the white and light green parts. If you use vegetable stock, this becomes a hearty vegan meal.

    Recipe by: yummers

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    A simple yet tasty alternative to potato leek soup. Great for those watching their calories, or just looking for a different vegetarian soup.

    Recipe by: DRUMNWRITE

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    A delicious and creamy leek and bacon soup recipe from Germany! It's called "Lauchrahmsuppe mit Speck" in German. Perfect for cold wintery days.

    Recipe by: GIMMICKCHICK

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    This colcannon recipe uses cabbage and leeks. You could use a bunch of spring onions instead of the leeks, if you prefer. Serve with bacon, pork sausages or roast beef.

    Recipe by: Marc Boyer

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    Delicious and easy midweek meal. Chicken with broccoli, leek and pasta in a cream of chicken sauce made from Heinz soup. A firm family favourite in our household which is ecomonical to make. Easy to double up and prepare in advance. Heinz soup has many other uses than just what is says on the tin.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    I have made this many times in the past few years and its great on a cold wintery evening and has a feel good factor!

    Recipe by: nefertit1

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