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    Find recipes for Italian beef lasagne, vegetarian lasagne, chicken and spinach lasagne plus plenty more lasagne options - all from home cooks like you!

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    Rich bologonese, mixed mushrooms and a smooth béchamel sauce are layered between sheets of lasagne and grated Parmigiano in this hearty Italian lasagne.

    Recipe by: Barilla

    14695 reviews

    It takes a little effort, but it is always worth it.

    Recipe by: John Chandler

    71 reviews

    An extremely tasty, very put-together lasagne which has received rave reviews from my friends and family. Long prep but definitely worth the effort!

    Recipe by: Ceridwen

    521 reviews

    So yummy you won't know it's actually low fat! This is an easy lasagne recipe, and you can also substitute minced turkey or another veggie for the spinach.

    Recipe by: LSPACE

    829 reviews

    Easy and delicious dinner which my family loves. Making it in the slow cooker means the lasagne sheets are always evenly cooked!

    Recipe by: KIMIRN

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      Classic lasagne recipe -
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      Meat sauce for lasagne recipe -

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