Margaritas (37)

    Stir up some margaritas for your next Mexican fiesta. Our simple margarita recipes make it easy! Find classic margaritas, strawberry margaritas and loads more.

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    This is my husband's secret recipe. We always serve this to our favourite friends. A very straightforward and authentic margarita with no added sugar.

    Recipe by: SSMITHTRANS

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    Authentic mango margaritas make an impressive party cocktail. Or simply serve on a balmy Sunday afternoon!

    Recipe by: CEWILSON

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    This alcoholic drink has the perfect combination of sweetness and tang. A rhubarb syrup is made, then it is blended with ice and tequila. Make a large batch of the rhubarb syrup when it is in-season - you can then enjoy this summer drink, anytime of the year.

    Recipe by: Jeannine

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    This margarita is a must for strawberry lovers. Frozen strawberries are blitzed with tequila, triple sec and limeade concentrate. It's the perfect summer drink to be enjoyed all year long.

    Recipe by: JTWTECH

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    Make this margarita recipe for a party and your parties will become legendary!

    Recipe by: 93VETTE

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