Autumn desserts (140)

Make delicious use of autumn produce with our gorgeous autumn desserts. Using everything from apples and pears to quince, we have loads of tasty desserts - apple pie, crumbles, tarts and lots more.

Top autumn dessert recipes

8 reviews

My mum's apple crumble recipe!

Recipe by: FREGBERT

38 reviews

A super-delicious cake, which is a great way of using plums when in-season. A buttery sponge cake is topped with plums, cinnamon and sugar, before being baked to perfection. Serve with cream or whipped cream.

Recipe by: sophia

38 reviews

I won 1st place in an apple contest with this recipe. It is the easiest and best apple pie I have ever tasted. It has no pastry, believe me, it doesn't need one. I always use Granny Smith apples because they are the best apples for pies. Enjoy!!!!

Recipe by: S. F. ALLEN

3 reviews

This is a delicious no bake pumpkin pie.

Recipe by: Cathy

10 reviews

Invented this lovely pear and almond tart for a lunch when I had over-bought pears. You can get away with using firm pears for this because they soften up in cooking. Unlike some almond fillings, this is not too heavy or rich.

Recipe by: ChristineH

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