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    Looking for a classic trifle recipe or perhaps something slightly different? Find recipes for sherry trifle, chocolate trifle and even toffee apple trifle!

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    My family really likes this trifle. I only make it for special occasions or for a special dinner party. It is really simple to make and can be really impressive.

    Recipe by: Pink

    3 reviews

    Not just another trifle, this one is very yummy indeed! Someone gave me the recipe and they got it from somewhere else, so I have no idea where it originated. Everyone who tries it wants to know the secret, but it's no secret so feel free to share. You can make your own custard or save time and just use shop-bought, why not!

    Recipe by: Gaye

    85 reviews

    This is my version of traditional trifle without using jelly. We used to have this nearly every Sunday for dessert when I was growing up. It includes a fresh custard recipe but you could use supermarket prepared custard or make it with powder.

    Recipe by: Polly Welby

    2 reviews

    This is perhaps the most decadent trifle recipe in existence! It's quite versatile, and if you are pressed for time you can use shop-bought chocolate cake or brownies. Add your own variations, such as fresh fruit or a sprinkling of your favourite liqueur.

    Recipe by: sweettooth

    2 reviews

    This delicately spiced trifle calls for sponge lightly soaked in rum for a perfect quick and easy pud.

    Recipe by: VAL_51

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    Fun but fab. Love making this with kids. It's not expensive but looks great for occasions. Layers of biscuits, bananas, mousse, caramel, topped with cream and foam sweet bananas and crumbled flake.

    Recipe by: tootsweet

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    A popular trifle for children, or for anyone that does not like traditional trifle. Has been a firm favorite with my family for 20 years.

    Recipe by: mabey64

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    I make this trifle for the family. It usually manages about 8 portions, unless you are greedy like me and finish it in 4 sittings. You can make it with or without brandy, scotch or flavouring of your choice. Allow two days setting before serving.

    Recipe by: DaveDoncaster

    6 reviews

    Easy yet so delicious, this fresh fruit trifle combines my favourite trifle recipes to create a mouthwatering dessert. Use any fruits you wish - such as mangos or raspberries - to create your own culinary delight.

    Recipe by: SHANNON_B

    3 reviews

    A gorgeous trifle, that is so delicious and just that little bit different!!! I was given this recipe many years ago by my Grandma.

    Recipe by: TheBritishBaker

    2 / 10

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