Millionaire's shortbread recipes

    Whether you call them millionaire's shortbread or caramel squares, we've got lots of top-rated recipes for you to try. Many recipes don't require boiling and all are easy to make. Great for afternoon tea or cake sales.

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    A classic treat for afternoon tea! Enjoy this simple recipe for chocolate and caramel shortbread which is sure to satisfy.

    Recipe by: ElizabethMorris

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    There's nothing better than shortbread, unless it's topped with a buttery, sweet toffee. Go whole hog and top with grated chocolate for a millionaire's shortbread effect, or simply enjoy the deliciousness of the toffee.

    Recipe by: Janet Warhurst and Freda Ashley

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    This classic recipe will have everyone in your house pleading for just one more. Shortbread base... caramel centre... milk chocolate top... should we keep going? If you'd like to know how to make them, we probably should!

    Recipe by: Dairygold

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    I make these easy caramel squares all the time for school cake sales and Christmas food gifts. You can adjust each section to make each layer as thick as you like.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    The base for these caramel squares are made with ground almonds, almond butter and coconut oil. The filling is made of dates and almond butter and the chocolate topping is made with coconut oil and cacao.

    Recipe by: Simply Sweet MAC

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    This millionaire's shortbread is extra thick and easy to make. The semolina is essential for a golden crumbly shortbread base.

    Recipe by: Samaj01

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    Essentially this recipe follows the rules of millionaire’s shortbread in that it has a base, a layer of caramel and is topped with chocolate. However, mine has a base of rum flavoured sultana flapjack. The flapjack itself isn’t entirely conventional either. I prefer to use a combination of both black treacle and golden syrup rather than one or the other, although mostly black treacle.

    Recipe by: TheBattlingBaker

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    A chewy delight. The irresistible combination of shortbread, homemade caramel and chocolate, cut into squares.

    Recipe by: Lucylui

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    Great as a little well done treat for the little ones. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the caramel and chocolate to set before serving.

    Recipe by: j.hopkins

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