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    There's nothing quite like homemade mince pies at Christmas! Find traditional recipes or try making them with an orange and cinnamon pastry, or a boozy mincemeat filling with a crumble-style topping. Whatever you decide, they're sure to go down a treat with family and friends!

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    I didn't have time to make a huge batch of mincemeat so I added a good glug of Bushmills whiskey to shop-bought mincemeat. It really kicks the flavour up a notch, especially if you let it soak overnight. The almond topping is a lovely change from pastry. Any leftover topping can keep in your fridge for a week or two.

    Recipe by: Ita

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    Perfect mince pies to serve at Christmas or to include in a Christmas hamper! Use best-quality shop bought mince, or plan ahead and make your own with this recipe.

    Recipe by: Patches

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    These mince pies are made special by a hint of cinnamon and orange in the pastry. Perfect for Christmas entertaining or food gifts!

    Recipe by: conn1e l

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    A traditional Christmas treat, this mince pie recipe is made easy with the use of best-quality shop-bought filling.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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    This recipes needs a little foward planning. The homemade mincemeat needs to mature for 1 month before ready. If you're too lazy to wait, you can use shop-bought mincemeat. Enjoy during Christmastime with a glass of sherry.

    Recipe by: cassandra

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      Boozy mince pies with vanilla almond topping
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