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    Find classic Cock-a-leekie soups, as well as potato leek soup, bacon and leek soup and loads more. Make the best of the mighty leek with these delicious leek soup recipes.

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    53 reviews

    Hearty, warming and absolutely delicious!

    Recipe by: tellytubby

    27 reviews

    A gorgeously creamy leek soup with a sharp cheese and mustard kick. It makes a delicious lunch served with cheese and onion bread or walnut bread. Plus, it's vegetarian too!

    Recipe by: Lesley Robinson

    10 reviews

    A delicious and creamy leek and bacon soup recipe from Germany! It's called "Lauchrahmsuppe mit Speck" in German. Perfect for cold wintery days.

    Recipe by: GIMMICKCHICK

    17 reviews

    This is a slightly updated version of a recipe from an old cookbook I picked up near York. I usually discard the tough green tops of the leeks, using only the white and light green parts. If you use vegetable stock, this becomes a hearty vegan meal.

    Recipe by: yummers

    5 reviews

    This cauliflower soup is big on flavour, but low in fat. I set out to make a creamier soup, thinking I would add some cream or cheese at the end. But I stopped myself just before doing so, as the soup really holds its own without the addition of dairy, and tastes surprisingly creamy. Note that I used a stock cube, so if you don't - you may want to add more seasoning to compensate.

    Recipe by: Diana

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      Leek and cauliflower soup
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      Quick leek and potato soup

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