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Honeycomb recipes

Homemade honeycomb is delicious eaten on its own, covered in chocolate, or added to ice cream and cheesecakes. Cover your honeycomb in melted chocolate to make your very own crunchie bars - perfect for food gifts!

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I've been on a bit of a sweet run lately and found this one from way back. Your own version of a Crunchie - just without the chocolate. This is easy to make and fun when you add the bicarb!

Recipe by: Nicola

21 reviews

Cinder toffee, or honeycomb toffee, is a traditional treat loved by children and grown ups alike.

Recipe by: mrsnorris

10 reviews

Make your very own crunchie at home with this delicious honeycomb covered in chocolate.

Recipe by: Debbie

1 review

Make your own honeycomb with this foolproof, easy recipe. You'll need a sugar thermometer for best results, but without one you can tell it is done by dropping a bit of the hot syrup in cold water and it will form hard threads that break when bent.

Recipe by: miskyn

2 reviews

This honeycomb cake is a real sugar hit! This cake can make 16 little triangular portions - as this is a very sweet cake. Would suggest a drink of milk with it!

Recipe by: ClareJA2012

1 review

This delightful honeycomb toffee - also known around the world as hokey pokey, cinder toffee, sponge toffee or puff candy - is a delightful treat just perfect dipped in chocolate or crushed up and put into ice cream.

Recipe by: lois h.b.

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Sticky raisin honeycomb, covered in melted Cadbury® Double Decker and Dairy Milk bars. Great over ice cream.

Recipe by: jazzcurzon

1 review

Light and crispy honeycomb. Tastes delicious. Great as a sweet, with or without chocolate, or crumbed and sprinkled onto ice cream.

Recipe by: cavan7

No reviews

The best ever ice cream - with a secret ingredient. This is an adult version of pooh bear's favourite ice cream!

Recipe by: kaz

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Make your own luxury honeycomb covered in chocolate with this easy and foolproof recipe. Perfect for homemade food gifts!

Recipe by: MEATPIE

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