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    Save yourself from lots of washing up with these one pot soups, stews, casseroles and lots of other deliciously easy one-pot recipes. We have loads of delicious recipe ideas that all the family will enjoy.

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    Orange and tomato chicken curry. Spicy, tangy and delicious. This one is for all the curry lovers out there.

    Recipe by: spikemimi

    11 reviews

    This is a classic Swiss tomato fondue, with Gruyere and Emmental cheeses.

    Recipe by: CHICOMOM

    1 review

    It took me years to replicate my mum's recipe - I finally realised that I had been using too lean cuts of meat. This is a simple pot roast that you can leave cooking for hours. It's meltingly tender, and if there is some leftover stock at the end you can easily strain and thicken it to make a delicious gravy.

    Recipe by: LorraineMargaret

    1 review

    This all-in-one Spanish meal couldn't be easier. Use your pressure cooker for a quick meal in minutes that tastes slow-cooked!

    Recipe by: Luis Luna

    10 reviews

    This Vietnamese-inspired dish is a great one-bowl, one-pan option for casual dinner parties. This is a really different kind of pesto that uses peanuts and Asian flavours.

    Recipe by: jen

    2 reviews

    Delicious tender diced lamb cooked in the slow cooker with onions, herbs and rich tomato. Nice served with pasta shells or macaroni.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

    2 reviews

    This is a very easy and warming stew that is perfect for the slow cooker. Easily tweaked according to your own taste and preferences. You can omit the salmon and have it as a vegetarian meal and adjust the amount of pepper depending on how hot you like it. I put this on in the morning before leaving for work and come home 9 hours later to a yummy dish! Serve with crusty bread or Jamaican sweet bread for extra authenticity.

    Recipe by: IyeImade

    2 reviews

    In this super-quick version of a Mongolian firepot, morsels of spiced chicken and vegetables are cooked in a fragrant stock with rice noodles. The broth is served at the end of the meal. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

    4 reviews

    Lamb is layered in with butternut squash, herbs and veggies to make a hearty winter stew.

    Recipe by: DOWNSEY

    2 reviews

    Cooking the rice with the rest of the ingredients came from my South African upbringing. It's my family's ultimate comfort food. I often make 2 lots up - 1 for the chili lovers and another (minus the hot stuff) for the chili haters! Both are extremely tasty and easy to prepare. Can be reheated next day too if you make too much! You can also add more veg depending on what's in the fridge.

    Recipe by: catmeow666

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