Find pasty recipes for the traditional Cornish pasty, steak and potato pasties, Scottish bridies, spicy vegetable and lots more. We've loads of delicious, flaky pasties that are ideal for picnics and packed lunches!

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    The genuine article! This is a recipe from a Cornish granny and is what a proper Cornish pasty should be. The Cornish Pasty Association tells us that the CORNISH pasty has been awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status and so can only be called a Cornish Pasty if it is made with certain ingredients. The pastry is not so strict in composition but must be made with mostly lard, sometimes slightly flaky - it can also be plain shortcrust.

    Recipe by: HugoW

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    The pastry for these Cornish pasties is made lard which makes it easier to handle and results in a tastier pasty. This is the recipe that I grew up with.

    Recipe by: Mary Mrotek

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    These corned beef pasties hit the spot, everytime! Easy to make and even easier to eat, great served alongside a salad.

    Recipe by: Molly

    4 reviews

    A hearty meal-in-one, make these satisfying pasties for a picnic or packed lunch, or enjoy with salad.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    2 reviews

    These individual savoury pasties are an easy and different way to use your chicken tikka leftovers!

    Recipe by: sadieleemia

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    These savoury pastries are quick and easy to make. Ready-made puff pastry is filled with ham, Gruyere cheese and baked to perfection. Enjoy as a snack or for lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: JULIEGELLING

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    Cubes of rump steak, potatoes and carrots are cooked in pastry. It is more traditional to use turnip instead of carrot but in the end - it all comes down to personal taste!

    Recipe by: Barrie

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    Making these chicken pasties is a little labour-intensive, but the results are worth it. They make a wonderful appetiser. Make a large batch, then cook and freeze them. They can be reheated at 190 C / Gas 5 for 5-7 minutes.

    Recipe by: Amanda Andrews

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    Yummy little pasties, great for kids lunch box! Shop bought pastry is made into miniature pasties, filled with a tuna and sweetcorn filling.

    Recipe by: lilithpaige

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    A vegetarian version of Cornish pasties made with a spiced, wholemeal pastry crust, gets an extra exotic touch from a filling of lightly curried red lentils, potatoes and peas. Serve warm with mango chutney and a crisp, green salad.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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