Both economcial and elegant, crepes are easy to make, too. The perfect last minute dessert, or even savoury main.

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    Go overboard - serve these extremely light and delicious crêpes as dessert with cream and your favourite fruit, preserves, lemon and sugar, or chocolate spread.

    Recipe by: GERAL1012

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    A classic filling for crepes and very French! Makes a nice brunch or weekend breakfast.

    Recipe by: annef

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    Here is a simple but delicious crepe batter which can be made in minutes. It's made from ingredients that I'm sure everyone has in their kitchen cupboards.

    Recipe by: JENNYC819

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    A quick and easy cheat dessert using ready-made crepes!

    Recipe by: Gilles

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    Make your favourite crepes into a satisfying dinner with this easy savoury crepe recipe. Try shredded leftover chicken instead of ham for a tasty variation, perfect for using leftover chicken from a roast.

    Recipe by: VAL_51

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    This is one of the first recipes my mum taught me as a child. Serve warm with your choice of sweet or savoury fillings.

    Recipe by: SAMMYSAM

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    Crêpes Suzette is a classic dish, and this is my easy version of the orange sauce. This orange sauce is so delectable, and I personally love the bit of texture that the marmalade adds. Serve the sauce with warm crepes and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This sauce is also lovely on ice cream by itself.

    Recipe by: andreab

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    Here is a recipe for Indian savoury crepes with no eggs or milk, ideal for vegans. If you can't find asafoetida in your local supermarket, it is available in Asian and Middle Eastern shops.

    Recipe by: Pankaj

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    A delicious and easy to make dessert. My Mum used sparkling water instead of milk because it makes the pancakes more fluffy, but if you do that don't use baking powder.

    Recipe by: CookWithAnna

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    These crepes are filled with Nutella®. Perfect for a fancy breakfast or sweet treat after school!

    Recipe by: MaryDavies

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