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    Love goat cheese? Find versatile and delicious recipes using goat's cheese here. We have lovely canapés, sandwiches, salads, soups and more - all using goat's cheese.

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    These delicious packages of crispy filo enclosing warm, melted cheese are the perfect beginning to an elegant meal.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

    24 reviews

    This is my delectable version of a croque madame, with goat cheese and Pecorino Romano.

    Recipe by: Stina

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    This is a delightfully simple salad, yet so sophisticated and flavourful. I often have it for lunch, though it makes a lovely starter as well. Use the softest, freshest goat cheese you can find. I sometimes even use the spreadable kind.

    Recipe by: Diana

    139 reviews

    Bite-sized cherry tomatoes are filled with a mixture of goat cheese and freshly chopped basil. Really quick and easy - perfect for party nibbles or a summer barbecue.

    Recipe by: RNCOGGINS

    52 reviews

    Tastes rich and crunchy, yet it's very quick and simple to prepare. Lovely with a nice glass of wine. Sometimes I make this for myself to eat with a salad.

    Recipe by: VIRGINIA57

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