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    Spaghetti hasn't lost it's appeal! Find spaghetti bolognese, carbonara, spaghetti and meatballs, spaghetti with prawns and many more spaghetti recipes to cherish.

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    I made this dish for my husband who likes pasta. It was a success, the lemon makes the dish refreshing and light.

    Recipe by: ritaturner

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    Chicken is cooked with Italian seasonings, cream cheese, chicken soup and mushrooms, then served over freshly cooked spaghetti. Serve with a side of crusty garlic bread.

    Recipe by: TLSmith

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    The classic spaghetti carbonara - without cream, just plenty of egg and Parmesan cheese. Rich and delicious.

    Recipe by: Sandy T.

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    There are few dishes as classic and easy as spaghetti with tomato sauce. Try this lovely version with a little added green from parsley and peppers in the summer when fresh tomatoes are at their peak.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    This pasta bake makes the most of everyone's favourite, spaghetti bolognese.

    Recipe by: Louise Miller

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    • Spaghetti carbonara
      Spaghetti carbonara

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