Chicken sandwiches (62)

    Looking for chicken sandwich recipes? We've got chicken burger sandwiches, coronation chicken salad sandwiches and stacks more to get you out of your sandwich rut!

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    A nutty, fruity, simple filling for sandwiches or to top jacket potatoes or salad. There are no set amounts for the ingredients - you just use as much of each ingredient to satisfy your own taste.

    Recipe by: jokamac

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    A fresh, satisfying chicken salad that makes a great filler for crusty baguettes.

    Recipe by: Janet Schaufele

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    A nutty and fruity coronation chicken. Prepare a day ahead for best results - it gives the flavours time to meld.

    Recipe by: Karen L. Baker

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    These chicken pitas are packed with tasty salad leaves and a sauce made from cucumbers and yoghurt. They are incredibly easy to prepare, so when you are short of time, skip the fast food and try these instead.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    In true American style, this club sandwich is piled high, and packs in lots of interesting flavours and textures. Parma ham, fried until crisp, replaces the usual bacon, and mashed avocado the butter. Adding a few leaves to a sandwich is a cunning way to get children to eat their greens.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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