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    Looking for chicken sandwich recipes? We've got chicken burger sandwiches, coronation chicken salad sandwiches and stacks more to get you out of your sandwich rut!

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    This slow cooker recipe will transform a dull piece of chicken into a flavoursome piece of meat. The chicken is shredded and served with a homemade barbecue sauce in a sandwich roll. It's like the American classic pulled pork, except made with chicken. You can also serve the chicken over rice.

    Recipe by: SHELDAWG

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    Chicken fillet strips coated in a spicy breadcrumbs and wrapped in a warm flour tortilla with salad.

    Recipe by: Áine

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    Simply barbecue chicken and pineapple with a honey mustard baste, then pile onto baps.

    Recipe by: Jenny

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    I am always on the hunt for low fat but flavoursome sandwich fillings. This is a speedy hassle-free twist on a traditional coronation chicken with extra salad. Instead of mayonnaise, I use low fat or Greek yoghurt. Yoghurt on it's own as a spread can be very bland, so adding flavour greatly helps with this problem. Using a wholemeal pitta bread or wholemeal wrap instead of white bread makes this a healthier alternative.

    Recipe by: ericherry

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    Don't go out for a doner - try this authentic Lebanese sandwich. Just as satisfying, but bounds healthier. Usually served with tahini sauce or toum (Lebanese garlic paste).

    Recipe by: Wendy

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    The Bestest one you'll ever ever taste by a 12 year old!! PLUS it's extra easy to make also it's really quick to make, so if you're one of those ones (a.k.a me LOL)who ain't really up to resturaunt standards yet then you'll love making and eating this wonderful home made recipes of mine!!

    Recipe by: LusciousBaka

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    Five-spice powder – a fragrant mix of cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise and Sichuan peppercorns – is used a great deal in Chinese cooking, and here it adds an oriental flavour to appetising, pitta pocket sandwiches.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    Sometimes I add fresh or dried chillies to the marinade to spice it up a little. I serve it warm, with shredded lettuce in a tortilla wrap.

    Recipe by: Jessica

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    This chicken and salsa mix is great for filling burritos, tacos or even plain old sandwiches. Add Cheddar cheese, guacamole and soured cream if you desire.

    Recipe by: JUBEEFISH

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    Alternative to the BLT - nice, make-ahead filled roll. Take on a picnic or just make for brunch or lunch. Nice for kids' school pack-ups also. Use nice rolls: rosemary focaccia, green olive, sesame or poppy seed works well.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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