See homemade sage and onion stuffing recipes, chestnut stuffing, sausage stuffing recipes and more to find a delicious and savoury accompaniment for roast chicken, roast turkey and other roasts.

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    An economical and child-friendly recipe that makes a great alternative to a traditional roast. It's amazing how far a small amount of mince can stretch.

    Recipe by: nams

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    When my mum became a coeliac the one thing she missed was stuffing! For 2 years we have been trying to find some, first bought it in Sainsbury's and that was good until they stopped the product so we have been experimenting ever since and now we have cracked it! The flavour and texture were an almost perfect match to Paxo's.

    Recipe by: Lou-Lou090

    4 reviews

    This is a fantastic stuffing to use in roast chicken, duck, turkey or goose. It's made with chestnuts, wholemeal bread, celery, apple, cranberries and fresh herbs. Try it at your next Sunday lunch or Christmas dinner.

    Recipe by: Schneeball

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    Impress your holiday guests with this crisp, moist and absolutely delicious roast goose. The recipe requires a day or two of advance preparation, but the results will create memories to last a lifetime and maybe even inspire a seasonal tradition.

    Recipe by: Christine Lipo

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    I have loved so many recipes on this site - I thought I would share one that I love! My mum has made this sausage stuffing every Christmas of my life. Recently I made it for my husband and he loved it too. It is delicious with roast pork, roast potatoes and green veg. Great with leftover turkey and cranberry sauce on boxing day, too!

    Recipe by: buttercup

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    Packed with flavour and texture, this stuffing is low in fat and high in fibre and carbohydrate. Stuffed into a bird, or baked alongside, it enables you to serve smaller portions of meat – with lots of vegetables – which means your meal will be in the right, healthy proportions. If you have a large bird, just increase the quantity of stuffing.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    When it comes to a Sunday lunch or special dinner, you can't beat roast chicken. This version, with its fragrant fresh herb stuffing, is simply the best.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    Turn sage and onion stuffing into a moreish party nibble! Simply prepare the stuffing, then roll them into balls and wrap with bacon or pancetta. Bake them till crisp to make a special Christmas treat.

    Recipe by: Great Little Ideas

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    This is stuffing, pure and simple. Sure to please everyone at Christmas dinner!

    Recipe by: Carlota Chmielewski

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    Not just for Christmas! This is a great recipe that I was shown how to make, it uses the "All trimmings" from a Christmas dinner to make a great roulade, either serve it into portions for a main course on its own or cut it into smaller portions to have at the side with your turkey! It is basically layered bacon, suasage meat and stuffing rolled into a log and baked for 40 mins really simple. the flavours of the bacon and sausage infuse with the stuffing, really yummy!

    Recipe by: Dickson

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