Fairy cake recipes (112)

Fabulous fairy cake recipes for birthdays, cake sales, afternoon tea or just for fun! We have loads of easy fairy cakes that are easy to make and decorate with the kids.

Top fairy cake recipes

35 reviews

These little buns are so easy! Excellent for making with children on a rainy day. Decorate with chocolate buttons, hundreds and thousands, jelly beans, jellied diamonds or any other decorations.

Recipe by: Patches

7 reviews

This is a nice family recipe that's easy to remember and never fails! These delicately spiced fairy cakes are simple, but you can vary flavourings, or add an icing to your own liking. They taste best warm with coffee or tea.


12 reviews

Pear Fairy Cakes. This recipe is gluten free and dairy free.

Recipe by: jazzylily

9 reviews

Delicious fairy cakes that only take a few minutes to make!

Recipe by: Ruby-Grace Galligan

14 reviews

A wonderful change of pace for the Christmas season. The moist and spicy gingerbread fairy cakes are balanced by a creamy, soft icing.

Recipe by: Kevin Ryan

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