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See a fabulous assortment of cupcakes and delicious ways to decorate them too! Find chocolate and vanilla cupcake recipes for birthdays and cake sales, red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day, Easter cupcakes, Halloween spider cupcakes and so much more!


This is an easy chocolate cupcake or cake recipe, it can make a lotta cupcakes or just one big cake! For chocolate-holics out here!

Recipe by: CookKitten


Just a simple and lovely plain cupcake recipe, calling for just four storecupboard ingredients. Ice them, or enjoy plain!

Recipe by: JB3Z


Delicious fairy cakes that only take a few minutes to make!

Recipe by: Ruby-Grace Galligan


A simple and basic method of achieving professional looking cupcakes to enhance any party or social gathering.

Recipe by: deriboy


Light lemon cupcakes filled with chunks of white chocolate and a soft lemon curd centre, topped with lemon buttercream.

Recipe by: Áine


Rum, pineapple and coconut in a cupcake! Taste even better if served with the real thing.

Recipe by: Maybe


I used two recipes on the site to create these cute mummy cup cakes. The kids love these cakes at Halloween. If you're short for time, use a shop bought choc muffin mix instead!

Recipe by: mumofsix


These cute little Easter cupcakes take mere minutes to prepare. Pipe the icing on in the shape of a nest, nestling the chocolate eggs in the middle!

Recipe by: Stork


Will brighten up any day! My daughter loves them.

Recipe by: mamabake


I make these so they have a good kick to them, but it's not necessary. It's the icing that gives them the real ginger strength/flavour, the stem ginger is really just for texture. Lemon icing is a good substitute.

Recipe by: alicarrington

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