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See a fabulous assortment of cupcakes and delicious ways to decorate them too! Find chocolate and vanilla cupcake recipes for birthdays and cake sales, red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day, Easter cupcakes, Halloween spider cupcakes and so much more!

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These chocolate muffins are baked with pieces of milky Kinder Chocolate bars. My children love them. For my children's birthdays I decorate them with melted Kinder Chocolate and chocolate buttons, but they taste heavenly even without icing.

Recipe by: elisabeth

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Make sure you use cute, colourful cupcake cases to make these scrummy cupcakes look even more appealing. I use this recipe time and time again... It's so versatile - you can pretty much do anything you like, adding fruit to the sponge, using different coloured icing and decorations, etc. Just have some fun!

Recipe by: LottieRainbow

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These were a bit of an improvisation when I had some spare raspberries and jar of lemon curd. They make a really indulgent treat, but are not as heavy as a chocolatey treat.

Recipe by: rachelgreener90

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Cupcakes flavoured with almond essence, with a layer of cherry preserve, topped with glace icing and a glace cherry - yummy!

Recipe by: C.Ramsay

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These are simple vanilla cupcakes. Like a blank canvas, they go with almost any icing you desire. Perfect for decorating!

Recipe by: KatieWeldon

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A perfectly chocolaty light frosting, topping a delicious chocolate and hazelnut cupcake. Decorate if you like!

Recipe by: princessTATTOO

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These cupcakes are very rich in chocolate and are, in addition, topped with whipped cream and grated chocolate! Since the cupcakes are so rich, the whipped cream is a welcome change from the heavy icing you normally find on cupcakes.

Recipe by: Maybe

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Pretty chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing, that sit on an Oreo® base. Delicious and nice to look at.

Recipe by: cisacke

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My recipe on how to make delicious marbled cupcakes in a simple easy way. This recipe makes 24 cupcakes.

Recipe by: NJBlight

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What could be better than moist chocolate cupcakes made with Guinness, then topped with a rich, creamy Baileys and chocolate flavoured icing? Not much! Makes 24 cupcakes.

Recipe by: Lenam

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