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You'll find everything from a traditional Irish barm brack to have with a pot of tea, to a more modern gorgeous Guinness chocolate cake or cheesecake - perfect for a birthday or dinner party.

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This is a Northern Ireland recipe given to me by my mum many years ago! You don't boil the cake, just the ingredients before you bake it.

Recipe by: WIGAN

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Baileys and chocolate add a delightfully rich flavour to a classic cheesecake recipe. This makes a delicious ending to any special meal.

Recipe by: Elaine

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Gorgeously fruity traditional Irish loaf with a little twist. You can easily substitute spelt or gluten free flour for wheat flour. I've tried it with both and it's delicious. It's also a good recipe to have as a treat if you're watching your weight.

Recipe by: Maribel

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A cool well poured pint of Guinness is said to taste of chocolate, so there's no better combination than a Guinness and chocolate cake.

Recipe by: Una

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Rich and moist dark chocolate and coffee cupcakes with a silky Baileys® Irish cream buttercream icing.

Recipe by: han192

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This is an easy dark fruit cake or tea brack, which involves soaking dried fruit in strong black tea overnight. Barmbrack was traditionally served at Halloween in Ireland. Items, such as a ring to signify a wedding in the near future, would be wrapped up in paper and baked in the cake for one lucky person to find in their slice! There's no butter required for the recipe itself, but it's worth buttering every slice of this. Stored in an airtight tin, this cake will keep for 10 days.

Recipe by: Ita

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A great tasting and easy to make fruitcake.

Recipe by: Barbara Bratcher

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This delicious Irish fruit cake is best served thickly sliced with butter.

Recipe by: Ruth

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A close friend is a cheesecake and Guinness fanatic. He requested a Guinness cheesecake for his 25th birthday; this is the result. It is quite smooth and very rich.

Recipe by: M. Wassenaar

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My grandma used dried mixed fruit, but I don't like the peel in it, so I make my own fruit mix including any dried fruit I have around, especially sultanas and dates. It is good with butter and a bit of cheese for lunch or tea.

Recipe by: spacehippo

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