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    This is a rich dark chocolate ganache that has loads of uses. It can be whipped to use as a filling or icing, or simply poured over any cake you like.

    Recipe by: ingrid e. vogel

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    An easy to make egg-free icing that works great for decorating cakes for birthdays. When you need to add colouring to icing, use colour paste. If you use liquid colouring, you may need to add more icing sugar.

    Recipe by: Sharon Gerstman

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    This is delicioius. It's not as sickly as buttercream but is much nicer than plain glace icing. It sets, but not too solidly, so it's in between butter icing & glace. This makes enough to ice and fill and 8inch cake.

    Recipe by: catralense

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    A simple recipe for chocolate buttercream frosting, good for any cake! Four simple ingredients is all it takes.

    Recipe by: Baje

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    This decadently chocolaty icing is perfect for birthday cakes, cupcakes and fairy cakes.

    Recipe by: Kevin Ryan

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