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    Make your own healthy homemade breakfast with our delicious granola recipes. Homemade granola is not only healthier than shop-bought, it is also cheaper, not to mention very easy to make.

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    Making your own granola is easy and infinitely better than shop-bought, not to mention cheaper! This perfectly spiced granola makes a large batch, perfect for breakfast with milk, or sprinkled over Greek yoghurt.

    Recipe by: Dianne

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    A delicious granola without all the fat. Perfect for breakfast with yoghurt and honey.

    Recipe by: GinetteB

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    Healthy low fat homemade granola, made with cranberries, apricots, currants, hazelnuts, almonds and oats. Much better than shop bought and cheaper too.

    Recipe by: GoJuGirl

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    This recipe calls for almonds but you can use any nuts you like - it's always delicious! A healthy and energising way to start your day. Also great for making your own yoghurt pots!

    Recipe by: Susan Johnson

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    Homemade granola is healthier and tastier than shop bought, not to mention less expensive. It's also very easy to make. This is a fantastic recipe that tastes great with milk or with yoghurt and fresh fruit.

    Recipe by: ATHOMELAUREL

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