Prune recipes (50)

    Prunes are nutritious and full of fibre, and work just as well in a cake as they do in a tagine. Find loads of ways with prunes here.

    Top prune recipes

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    This is a delectable chicken dish from Kozani, a city and region in northern Greece. The prunes and onion lend sweetness, while the paprika offers a smoky flavour. Serve with steamed rice.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    They are so delicious - you wouldn't believe that something with prunes could be this good! They're also low in fat, with just about 5 grams per muffin. A great morning or afternoon snack!

    Recipe by: LISA BRETON

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    Simple but delicious nibble to serve to guests with drinks. Prunes wrapped in bacon and baked served with skewers.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    Far Breton is a prune flan recipe from the northwest of France (Bretagne or Brittany). You serve it in the oven dish. It's very easy to make. It is possible to change the recipe using different kinds of fruit.

    Recipe by: saning

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    A fruity cake with prunes, walnuts, and a delicious toffee icing poured over while still warm. Yummy!

    Recipe by: paddy123fifi


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