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Squid is sustainable and low in fat and calories, not to mention tasty - what's not to love? We have loads of ways with squid, including salt and pepper squid, stuffed squid, Greek calamari stew and lots more.

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The perfect recipe for calamari. Squid is sliced into rings, dredged in seasoned flour and deep-fried until cooked through and crisp. Serve as a appetiser, starter or with a main course.

Recipe by: bluebayou

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It doesn't get any more authentic than this seafood paella from the Valencia region of Spain. Enjoy with wine and friends!

Recipe by: Luis Luna


No trip to Spain would be complete without sampling their famous rice dish, paella. The ingredients vary from region to region, but we've used monkfish, squid and mussels for this version. Serve with crusty bread.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan


This is an Italian Christmas Eve favourite. This recipe can be doubled or tripled easily. Serve as a side, starter or over pasta. Buon Natale!



This recipe originates from Spain. It's simple to prepare, rich and scrumptious. You may use black pepper instead of paprika if you prefer.

Recipe by: DMASON

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