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    Pork chops are lean and delicious, and a great alternative to chicken for a midweek supper. Find loads of delicious pork chop recipes here.

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    This is a staple marinade for pork chops using store-cupboard ingredients. Marinade for at least an hour, though overnight is best!

    Recipe by: Sherlock

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    A quick and easy family dish made in the slow cooker. Serve with potatoes, rice or pasta.

    Recipe by: sarah231087

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    Tender pork chops cooked in the slow cooker with onions, apple and cider, loosely based on the classic Normandy Pork. Serve with creamy mash to soak up the juices.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    A Thai inspired pork chop dish. Pork chops are slowly cooked in an aromatic sauce made with peanut butter, honey, garlic, ginger and chillies. Serve over freshly cooked rice.

    Recipe by: fullerla

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    Pork steaks with a tasty sauce. You can even use the sauce as a gravy, in which case double the amounts of cider and honey. It goes well with mash and veg, or even some potato wedges.

    Recipe by: spacehippo

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    Tender pork chops cooked in the slow cooker with caramelised onions, peas and cider. Serve with creamy mashed potatoes.

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    An easy roast pork recipe for midweek that results in tender and moist chops. The cooking juices can be used to make a delicious onion gravy for mash. Comfort food!

    Recipe by: PATSYSH

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    Transform tinned cream of mushroom soup into a creamy sauce for pork chops. Quick and easy, but very delicious. One of my family's favourites served over brown rice.

    Recipe by: mmcgee

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    A delicious preparation of pork chops. Best served with mash.

    Recipe by: Gordon Syme

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    The longer you marinade pork chops in this garlicky, gingery mixture the better the results. You can bake the chops with a sesame and breadcrumb crust, or you can skip this step and go straight to the barbecue. Use light soy sauce, if you prefer.

    Recipe by: Carol Mariash

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