Pecan pie (25)

    Pecan pie is an American classic, popular throughout the year but especially round Thanksgiving and Christmas. It makes a gorgeous, nutty treat any time, and is perfect for a dinner party when served warm with vanilla ice cream.

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    62 reviews

    This classic American dessert is very simple to make, but will definitely impress guests at a barbecue or dinner party. It's gorgeously gooey, nutty and chocolaty.

    Recipe by: Corwynn Darkholme

    2014 reviews

    This American pie is a tradition at Christmastime. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a differently delicious treat.

    Recipe by: Elaine Helms

    3 reviews

    Perfect pecan and pumpkin pie to serve with vanilla ice cream. Use pumpkin puree from a tin, or use boiled and mashed pumpkin that's been cooled.

    Recipe by: Baje

    83 reviews

    Mini pecan tarts that make impressive treats for Christmas parties.

    Recipe by: Ruth

    43 reviews

    This pie is sweet and delicious. Shortcrust pastry encases a sweet and spiced pumpkin filling, then topped with pecans before being baked to perfection.

    Recipe by: Sheila J Grieshaber

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