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Cheese straws are the quintessential party nibble. Find cheese straw recipes that are loads easier than you might think.

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This is a favourite nibble and canapé year-round, but especially welcome at Christmas and New Year's parties.

Recipe by: Leigh

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These cheesy and buttery cheese straws come with a kick thanks to a touch of cayenne. If desired, omit the cayenne for a simple cheese straw recipe.

Recipe by: Carol

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Also known as cheese twists (for their shape). These are one of my favourites! They’re great for canapés, very popular in winter and just as good for snacking on while watching a movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Recipe by: henrydwatson

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Really easy and really tasty cheese straws. These go down a treat on their own or with a bowl of soup.

Recipe by: ami

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A variation on a traditional cheese straw recipe that includes onion. The resulting flavour is a lot deeper and makes the straws incredibly moreish!

Recipe by: vers4ce

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These are delicious, light and fun to make with kids. Great for company. Just make twice as much as you plan because the family will devour the first batch.

Recipe by: pleesmith

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These are easy to make and delicious to eat cheese twists. I first learned to make them in an easy bake food course. Makes about 20 cheese twists.

Recipe by: lovefoodxxx

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Super-fast delicious snack that's easy to do and not too messy. Great to make with the kids as a weekend project.

Recipe by: LeTopCoq

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This is an old recipe of my mother's (circa 1940's) which can be two recipes in one. The ingredients below are for the basic cheese straws but I sometimes double the amount of cheese and make cheese whirls. Where I have put seasoning, this is much to personal tastes. If using salted butter - don't add salt. I usually season with paprika. These cheese straws do rise but they are not like the 'puff pastry' ones you see commercially.

Recipe by: Madquackers

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These cheesy straws are easy to make and require no special ingredients. A tasty addition to any meal.

Recipe by: VAL_51

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