Slow cooker chicken (141)

    Whether its slow cooker chicken cacciatore, chicken curry or a whole chicken baked in the slow cooker, we have loads of easy and delicious slow cooker chicken recipes that the entire family will love.

    Top slow cooker chicken recipes

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    This slow cooker recipe will transform a dull piece of chicken into a flavoursome piece of meat. The chicken is shredded and served with a homemade barbecue sauce in a sandwich roll. It's like the American classic pulled pork, except made with chicken. You can also serve the chicken over rice.

    Recipe by: SHELDAWG

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    This delicious curry is simple, low in fat and dairy-free. Sauteed garlic and onions are slowly cooked with chicken in a creamy curry sauce. Enjoy with freshly cooked rice.

    Recipe by: frida

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    Simple casserole to bung into the slow cooker for 8 hours on slow or 3/4 on high. Use chicken thighs or a mixture of chicken pieces.

    Recipe by: Camembert-it.

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    Use a spiraliser or peeler to slice courgettes into noodles as a gluten-free alternative to rice noodles in this slow cooker Vietnamese-style pho soup made with chicken, bean sprouts and bok choy. Season to taste with dried chilli flakes and slices of jalapeno.

    Recipe by: Megan Olson

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    Baked chicken in a slow cooker for busy people! Put the chicken on in the morning, and have golden brown baked chicken for dinner.

    Recipe by: 'Cotton' Couch

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      Slow cooker chicken korma
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      Easy slow cooker chicken stock

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