Rhubarb crumble (20)

Rhubarb crumble is easy to make and lets the rosy colour of rhubarb shine through. Find gorgeous crumble recipes here.

Top rhubarb crumble recipes

6 reviews

Ever wonder what to do with that big rhubarb plant in the garden? This is your answer.

Recipe by: Michelle Davis

20 reviews

There's no simpler way to relish rhubarb season. This rhubarb crumble is an irresistible childhood favourite.

Recipe by: Carolyn

11 reviews

A simple, easy dessert recipe. Great for families and when rhubarb is in season.


5 reviews

A lot of rhubarb recipes add a large amount of sugar. This keeps the sweetener to a minimum so you can enjoy the tang of the rhubarb! Delicious - enjoy! Use sugar in place of honey if you like.

Recipe by: KYRYBRY

3 reviews

This crumble is delicious. It's not quite the same as a traditional crumble, but worth a try. Underneath the sweet and crisp topping, lies a rhubarb and ginger custard filling. Serve as is or with ice cream.

Recipe by: beetrootgreens

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