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    Find easy homemade potato gnocchi recipes, spinach and ricotta gnocchi, as well as recipe ideas for quick pasta sauces that go well with gnocchi.

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    I was eager to concoct a suitable meal for guests on my student budget by utilizing ingredients already in my apartment. With one vegetarian on our guest list, I aimed for veggie-friendly, economical yet still rich and satisfying. I served this with sun-dried tomato bread and not a morsel remained--very filling AND loaded with vitamins!

    Recipe by: Whitney

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    For a super-fast and delicious change from pasta, cook gnocchi – little Italian potato or semolina dumplings. Toss them in a fresh tomato sauce with some Mediterranean herbs, and top with nuts and Parmesan cheese. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

    165 reviews

    A mixture of mashed sweet potato, flour and egg are flavoured with garlic and nutmeg to produce this deliciously different potato pasta! Pair this with your favourite butter or creamy cheese sauce.

    Recipe by: ELA33INE

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    A quick, very easy, very cheap and very enjoyable meal - perfect for students or anybody on a budget! I'm not even a vegetarian and I love this meal. As fat free as can be, and tasty, too. Gnocchi can be replaced with anything you want. Measurements and ingredients are totally up to you, but this is my standard recipe, so enjoy! (I live in Japan at the moment, where there are about a million types of mushroom readily available and cheap - if you can't find the ones listed here, just substitute for another tasty veggie)

    Recipe by: ookami123

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    This recipe sounds and looks posh, but it is deceptively simple and easy to make. This makes an elegant dinner party main or starter for any occasion.

    Recipe by: @lex

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    Making homemade gnocchi is really easy with this foolproof gnocchi recipe. I wondered how difficult it was until my friend Susanne's mother gave me this recipe. Now we eat homemade gnocchi at least once a month. The gorgonzola sauce is delicious.

    Recipe by: Brigitte

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    A delicious vegetarian-friendly Italian dish. Fresh gnocchi is topped with a sauce made with cherry tomatoes, basil and olives. Enjoy with garlic bread, if desired.

    Recipe by: Laura N

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    An Italian classic, traditional semolina gnocchi is served with generous amounts of cheese and butter. This healthier but equally delicious version is made with just a little butter, cheese and olive oil and flavoured with cinnamon and sage. Served with lightly cooked spinach and peas, this makes a great family meal.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    The classic Italian dumplings with a difference. These are made with pumpkin. They are tinged with a beautiful orange colour and taste delicious. Serve with garlic butter and Parmesan.

    Recipe by: Tina

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    These flat and round shaped gnocchi, made with semolina instead of potato, are delicious and must be served super hot! Once tried, you will be addicted to them!

    Recipe by: Dario

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