Hanukkah recipes (88)

Find delicious Hanukkah favourites, including fried foods like doughnuts and potato latkes, plus many more recipes for feasting fit for the Festival of Lights.

Top Hanukkah recipes

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You can use any flavour of jam to make this recipe. . . raspberry, strawberry, blackcurrant or even lemon curd. These are so easy to make when you use a bread machine. If you don't have a bread machine - see footnotes for directions. Serve them plain, sugar coated or iced.

Recipe by: Charlie McHugh

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Nice dish for a sweet afternoon snack.

Recipe by: NIBLETS

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These classic potato pancakes are a Hanukkah tradition, though they make great fare any time of year. Serve with apple sauce, or soured cream and chopped spring onion.

Recipe by: Rachel

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These are traditional doughnuts, more commonly known as suphganiot, that are served during the Hanukkah season.

Recipe by: Mel Levy

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My mother makes a GREAT beef brisket. She got the recipe after watching a friend's Jewish grandmother make it. It is perfect, delicious and easily kosher for Passover. Enjoy! Great with mashed potatoes or potato latkes (latkes with this meal are also kosher) or roasted vegetables (with olive oil, salt and pepper - also kosher).


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