From juicy beef burgers to lamb burgers and veggie burgers, we've stacks of delicious burger recipes for a quick midweek supper or for the ultimate summer BBQ. We also have delicious veggie burger recipes to try.

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    This is a simple recipe. After making them the first time my husband said 'no more' to beef burgers. These are really good - any cooking method may be used, and they freeze very well.

    Recipe by: Trudi Davidoff

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    These budget friendly burgers are not only tasty, but kids love them and they're good for the waistline. Serve as you would a beefburger, or in a wrap with houmous, chilli sauce and shredded lettuce.

    Recipe by: Phyllis Moody

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    A quick and super yummy recipe for beef burgers! Great for a summer afternoon feast serve with your favourite toppings.

    Recipe by: Doodoo

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    Minced turkey makes a tasty and healthy burger. It's even better with feta cheese and olives. Serve these delicious Greek-inspired burgers with sun-blush tomatoes and baby greens in pitta bread.

    Recipe by: Lol

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    A few simple ingredients make really tasty meat-free burgers. If you want to barbecue them, the best method is to cook the burgers in advance and just heat them up over the coals, as this prevents them from sticking to the grilling rack. A crisp side salad is all that is needed with the burgers in their sesame-topped buns.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    The sweet chilli sauce in this recipe isn't overpowering but gives a subtle flavour. If a hotter flavour is required, I like to add crushed chilli flakes for a kick.

    Recipe by: Sarah Davies

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    The meatiest of veggie burgers. Serve on a fresh crusty roll with garlic-infused mayonnaise.

    Recipe by: Bob Cody

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    Tasty, moist vegetarian mushroom burgers - or make them smaller and serve as mushroom cakes.

    Recipe by: Barbara Harris

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    Spice up minced pork with a bit of pork sausage, onion, sage and Worcestershire sauce for a tasty summer meal. Serve with a light green salad or with coleslaw and apple slices.

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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    These spicy burgers are full of flavour and smell amazing. They stand on their own, but onions or roasted peppers give them even more of a kick! Minced chicken also works great if you want to substitute the turkey.

    Recipe by: Ash

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